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Quality-conscious jewelers and goldsmiths, as well as ambitious collectors, will find a wide range of different gemstones in our online shop.
For decades, our gemstone wholesale has been offering a large selection of single stones and gems in calibrated sizes.
Thousands of gemstones can be ordered online and are available for immediate delivery.

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Exhibitions & Dates

  • INOVA COLLECTION: 24.-26.08.2019
  • JuwelUhr Hagen: 21.-22.09.2019
  • INOVA COLLECTION Showroom Hamburg: 02.-03.11.2019
  • Uhren- und Schmuckmesse Potsdam: 02.-03.11.2019
  • Inhorgenta Munich: 14.-17.02.2020

Gemstones and Precious Stones - Product Range

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We offer a wide range of jewellery and rough stones. Our warehouse comprises gemstones in various colors, sizes, cuts and shapes.

Smooth polished cabochons, teardrops and beads are available, as well as faceted gemstones in standard or special cuts and delicate engravings. Whether you are interested in single stones or large volume orders, natural or synthetic gems, all gemstones in stock are available for immediate delivery.



The history of our company began about 100 years ago and now this family owned business is in its 4th generation. Our gemstone cutting company counts among a few traditional firms in Idar-Oberstein, our city of gemstones and one of the leading gem-cutting centers of the world. Thus, benefits for our customers include:

  • a high degree of product expertise resulting from decades of experience in processing gemstones

  • fair prices for our customers through direct purchasing from trusted partners worldwide

  • immediate access to gemstones ranging from agate to zirconia

  • fast delivery of sample- and express orders

  • high flexibility regarding individual requests

  • gemstones cut in high quality and processed using the most modern cutting technology