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Edelsteine, Schmucksteine und Edelsteinketten - M.T. Mohr


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Quality-conscious jewellers, goldsmiths’ studios as well as ambitious collectors can find the right gemstones within our range. Our wholesale business has stood the test of time for decades with our exemplary wide range of diverse products. Our in-house gemstone processing lapidary always devises the right solution for your special requirements.
Our own production of small and large quantities with a fair price structure.
Thousands of products can be delivered at short notice.
Customised cutting according to your wishes.

Range of Products


Our large gemstone warehouse has a broad range of jewellery and uncut stones available for you. It comprises all the most notable gemstones in a very wide range of designs. You can directly access the complete range of our gemstones by visiting Mohr & More Gems.

Our offering also includes facetted stones, cabochons, pamples and beads with standard or special cuts – also with engravings as well as sets on request. In addition, you can also find a large selection of synthetic stones in our offering. We can generally deliver all gemstones from our stock range at short notice even for higher volume orders.


The family-owned business, M.T. Mohr, which is in its fourth generation, can look back on almost 100 years of company history. Our gemstone processing lapidary counts among the few traditional firms in the gemstone capital Idar-Oberstein, which has always been family-owned since the outset. This means there are several benefits to you as our customer:

  • A partner with a high degree of product expertise as a result of the many years of experience in the processing of gemstones.
  • Fair pricing structure through the direct purchase from trusted partners in the countries of origin.
  • Direct access to a really comprehensive product range from agate to zirconia.
  • Swift delivery for sample and express orders by means of our in-house production as well as a great deal of flexibility as regards customer-specific requests such as, for example, cutting work.
  • Gemstones of exemplary quality made with the latest cutting equipment and crafted to the high standards of a company steeped in tradition.
  • Affordable solutions for high-volume production to the highest quality standards through the integration of our own company’s gemstone processing lapidary in Sri Lanka.

Exhibitions & Dates

Inhorgenta 2018 |   | 16th – 19th february 2018