Forwarding expenses

Shipping- and forwarding expenses

1. Prices and forwarding expenses

All prices apply additionally national taxes and forwarding expenses.

Target region

Forwarding Expenses

Minimum Order Value

Service Fee

Cash on Delivery


 from € 5,50

€ 50,00

€ 2,00


 from € 15,00

€ 50,00


*[Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, (except Faroe Islands, Greenland), Estonia, Finland ( except Åland Islands), France (except overseas territories), Greece (except Mount Arthos), Great Britain (except Channel Islands), Ireland, Italy (except Livigno and Campione d'Italia), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands (except non-European territories), Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus (except the northern part)]

Non EU Countries*

from € 31,00

€ 50,00


*[Aland islands (Finland), Andorra, Albania, Mount Arthos (GR), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Campione d'Italia (IT), Ceuta (E), Faroe Islands (DK), Georgia, Gibraltar (GB), Greenland (DK), Guernsey (GB), Iceland, Jersey (GB), Canary Islands (E), Kosovo, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Livigno (IT), Macedonia, Melilla (E), Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Russian federation, San Marino, Switzerland, Serbia (Republic), Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican City, Belarus, Cyprus(except the northern part)]



from € 52,00

€ 50,00

*[Egypt, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian territories, Syria, St. Pierre and Miquelon (France), Tunisia, United States of America)


Worldwide left

from € 52,00

€ 50,00

All countries and territories which are not dedicated to the aforementioned territories.


On payment by cash on delivery an additional transmission remuneration becomes due at the rate of 2 Euro which the delivery agent raises directly on-site.

All possibly resulting duty fees and import fees are to be carried by the reciever. All import regulations for the respective products are to be followed by the customer. We do not assume responsibility for the conformance of our products with national directives and instructions beyond the EU.