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Shipping & handling costs

Delivery times

After placing your order, you will be notified immediately of the delivery times for the desired items.

The delivery time is 1-3 working days if the items are in stock, 2-4 weeks if not in stock, 4-6 weeks in exceptional cases.

If you would like to be informed in advance about the delivery times, please contact us.

Entrepreneurs and other contracting parties who are not to be regarded as consumers must examine the delivered products within seven days of receipt to ensure that they are in accordance with the contract and immediately report any recognizable defects. Otherwise the delivered products are considered approved.

Shipping and handling costs
All prices are exclusive of VAT and plus shipping costs.

Shipping costs for Germany:

Up to a purchase of 5,000 euros, we ship via UPS for 6 euros.
Up to a purchase of 15,000 euros, we ship via UPS for 15 euros.
Express delivery via Intex, delivery usually takes place on the next working day.
Please note that this only applies to orders placed before 12 p.m.


Other countries (price in euros):



18 35  


18 35  


Netherlands 18 35  
Finland 25 35  
Greece 29 35  
Ireland 29 35  
Austria 25 35  
Portugal (except Azoren & Madeira) 29 35  
Schweden 25 35  
Spain (except Can. Islands, Ceuta & Madeira) 29 35  
France 25 35  
Italy 25 35  
Great Britain (England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland) 25


Poland 23 66  
Czech Republic 18 66  
Hungary 27 66  
Norway   45 15
Switzerland   45 15
United States   66 39

To all other countries that have not been mentioned, we only send via FedEx for 66 euros.


When shipping abroad, additional duties may apply, which the competent customs authorities collect directly from you. All possible customs and import fees are to be borne by the recipient. National import regulations for the respective products are to be observed by the customer. We are not responsible for the conformity of our products with national guidelines and regulations outside the EU.